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I need a barcode

First clarify how many GTINs you need and/or how many products you wish to label with a barcode. The GTIN assignment rules and the following example will help you to decide this:

How many product variants do you need to label?

There are three different options for obtaining GTINs. The best option for you depends on the number of GTINs required and your annual sales:

  1. GS1 Switzerland membership: ideal model if more than ten GTINs are needed; mandatory for companies with annual sales in excess of one million Swiss francs.
  2. Starter Kit 10: ideal model if you need a maximum of ten GTINs.
  3. Single GTIN: ideal model if you only need a few GTINs.

The following table will help you decide which way is best for you:

Starterkit 10 Single GTIN Membership
Ideal for -Individual
- Startup  companies
- Focus on online retail
- Companies under private law
- Public corporations which do not wish to become GS1 Switzerland members
- Only a few products in relation to sales
- All companies with sales in excess of CHF 500 thousand
- More than 10 GTINs required
- Additional GS1 keys required
Annual cost CHF 50.00 per package CHF 65.00 per GTIN From CHF 250.00 (GCP 10, range of numbers starting with 100)
No. of GTINs required <10 <10 >10 
Annual sales < CHF 500 thousand > CHF 6 millions > CHF 1 million
Additional GS1 keys Yes No Yes
Membership No No Yes
GS1 Switzerland services  No No Yes
Platform for managing GTINs
Applications Starterkit 10
Single GTIN registration GS1 Switzerland membership application

More information about the GS1 barcode symbols is provided here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries by sending us an e-mail or phoning us on 058 800 72 00.