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Complete the steps required in the Order new GTIN menu to successfully order a GTIN.

At each of your GTIN is given 6 different attributes. The attributes are described below and explained, using examples:

Attribute Beschreibung Beispiel
Brand The brand of the product, as printed on the package. Max. 70 characters. HUG Biscuits original Willisauer Ringli.
Company Name Name of the company HUG AG
Label description Description of the product as printed on the product label. Max. 200 characters The traditional specialty from Willisau, baked in our plant in Willisau according to the original recipe. Hint: break the rings into 3 to 4 bits and allow to melt on your tongue to enjoy the delicious taste of honey and lemon.
Target Market The Market where the product is sold. Switzerland
Image Format .jpg or .png, min. sitze 320x240 pixels, no larger than 600 Kb ringli
Global Product Classifictation (GPC)  The 8-digit Classification ID for the product 10000161 - Biscuits/Cookies (Shelf Stable)


GPC stands for Global Product Classification and it enables the classification of products. It can be used for master data management and procurement. The advantage: the GS1 Standard is effective globally and ensures that products are grouped consistently. The classification contains four levels: segment, family, class and brick. A typical example is given below:

Level Name Example
1 Segment Food/Beverage/Tobacco
2 Family Bread/Bakery Products
3 Class Biscuits/Cookies
4 Brick Biscuits/Cookies (Shelf Stable)


On, the GPC is defined on level 4 (brick). To find your product’s GPC, use the GPC Lookup from our member organisation GS1 New Zealand or the GS1’s GPC Browser.

You receive the GTIN immediately after successful online payment. In addition, you can check the status of the GTIN at any time under the My GTIN menu by logging into your account at

You can directly download the EAN-13 codes in various formats from the My GTIN sub-menu. Please take into account the size requirements for EAN-13 codes, which depend on how and where they are used for typical consumer units in retail:


In the My GTIN menu, a list is provided with all the details of the registered GTIN.
NB: you will be notified by e-mail when a GTIN needs to be extended.

In the My GTIN menu, a list is provided with all the details of your registered GTIN, which you can edit at any time. Click on the edit symbol and enter your proposed amendments.

In the My personal details menu, amend your contact details anytime by clicking ‘Edit’.

GTIN can be unlocked at any time. Please use the unlock function under My GTIN to unlock the relevant GTIN.

As a gesture of goodwill, GS1 Switzerland permits the sale of any units already labelled. This means that you do not need to remove the codes. However, you must not use them to label any new merchandise produced.

You can download all your invoices in PDF format. Simply click on the menu item My invoices.  

Go to the My GTIN menu and select the GTIN you wish to extend. The validity period can be extended up to three months before a GTIN would expire. The validity of GTIN can be extended by one, two or three years in each case. You will receive reminder e-mails three months, one month and 24 hours before expiry in each case.